International payments using Transferwise

Go to and follow the steps below

IMPORTANT – This is only an example of a payment to Nordlek 2018. You need to exchange all numbers with the ones you have received in the payment info.

Please do not pay to any account type except Bankgiro. Never pay to an IBAN/SWIFT account.

Be careful to select that the recipient should get the exact amount agreed upon i SEK.

1. Open You do not need to enter any amounts or currencies at this stage. Just click on ”Get started”.

2. If you do not yet have an account you need to sign up for a personal account.

3. Just click on ”Send money”. You do not need to confirm your e-mail or fill out your profile.

4. Select amount to pay. IMPORTANT – Put the exact amount in SEK in the field ”Recipient will get exactly”.

5. Select Personal transfer.

6. Enter your personal details. Uncheck ”Confirm my identity…” close to the bottom. You do not need that to make a transfer using a debet or credit card. Click on ”Continue” at the bottom.

7. Select ”Business or charity”.


8. Enter recipient data. IMPORTANT – Always select the Bankgiro option!

9. Tell Transferwise what the account is for.

10. IMPORTANT – Enter only your booking number (OCR-number) and nothing else as reference

11. Select your preferred local payment method. You can always pay by card

12. Finished!